Care instructions


What do we call “gold filled” jewelry?

Widely used in the United States, it’s a solid gold finish (here 14 carats), which is applied by heat and pressure at the base of another metal such as copper or brass. The gold’s weight in a gold filled jewelry piece is 1/20th of its total weight, or 5% gold.

Very resistant, gold filled jewellery is also hypo allergenic; most people who can wear solid gold may wear gold filled without any worry.

Care instructions:

Store your jewelry in a dry place. Therefore, avoid the bathroom and do not bathe with it. Likewise, at the beach and at the pool, take off your jewelry before swimming and do not sunbathe with it.

Also avoid contact with oils, perfume and other cosmetics. The best option is to put on your jewelry last.

Remove your jewelry to sleep, as well as for sport or household activity.

Keep each piece of jewelry separately in its sealed bag to limit the oxidation process and scratches.

Do not use abrasive chemicals or any alcohol based product to clean your jewelry. Some warm water and a soft cloth should be sufficient.