" The core of man's spirit comes from new experiences. "

- JON KRAKAUER, Into the Wild.

THECOOLWILD is a semi-fine jewelry line with a bohemian spirit, inspired by the beauty of the world and its hidden treasures.

Behind the brand, Christel Iglesias, a young Parisian with Basque origins.

As a little girl, she spends all her summers in this beautiful region, between sea and mountain. From there, arises a first wonder in front of the synergy of the elements and the inherent strength of nature.

Self-taught jewelry designer, she patiently develops her style and perfects her technique following her wild desires, with that particular mineral aesthetic that defines her, and allows her to offer unique pieces, with a feminine and neat finish, to wear as well with a pair of blue jeans as an evening dress.

Handcrafted in Paris, the THECOOLWILD jewelry is mainly made up of natural semi-precious gemstones and 14k gold filled. It combines Parisian chic with a more "raw and cheeky" side, for an elegant and yet relaxed look.

Like a road trip where the large spaces go by over the miles swallowed, the music is never far to accompany its modern heroines. Whether she is rock and urban, or a bohemian surfer, the THECOOLWILD girl is in perpetual quest for freedom.

The wind on her face. The sunbeams that warm her skin.

Gold shines brightly. Stones charge energy.

Her talismans around her neck.

Alchemy operates.

She's ready to go ... A long journey awaits her.

That roads are for journeys, ma’am, not destinations.