Get to know: Victoria Bailey

We are starting a new series of posts "Get to know", dedicated to different muses and artists whose talent keeps inspiring us. For this first one, we introduce you to Victoria Bailey, a singer, musician and Californian songwriter. Her captivating voice serves her country-folk music style incredibly, as shown in Honky Tonk Woman, song from her second eponymous album (2018).

Victoria, 27 years old, was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. At age 12, she received her first guitar, but it was not until much later that the idea of becoming a singer sprang up. After high school she is rather attracted by directing movies, especially documentaries. This concept of storytelling is not that far from the process of writing and composing a song, she notices. Her father is a drummer in several groups and will soon encourage her. With his best friend, who is a bassist and also happens to own a recording studio, they form a small troupe of musicians around Victoria which allows her to record her first debut album Dreamer (2014). That said, for three years Victoria will work as a waitress in a restaurant to financially support herself.

At age 23, she dropped everything and left for Nashville, the cradle of country music, to basically write everyday and feed herself from other artists. Listening to constant live sessions was a striking experience that will soon transform her way of singing once back in California. Today Victoria makes a living from her music and we are truly happy for her. Having no manager, she has to organize her own tours. In parallel she teaches music and has created a weekly reunion for children, the Little Folk Club. She also happens to lend her singular voice to jazz band The Jazz Cats. We, in any case, are never tired of listening to one of her acoustic sessions. Here goes Happy Heart, to give you a glimpse of her talent.

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